Types of smartwatches and their differences

Do you consider buying a smartwatch? Then, the first thing you need to do is to make it clear what types of smartwatches there exist for you to select the one that suits you perfectly. In fact, despite sharing one name, smartwatches can differ quite considerably. It goes without saying that their functions add up to their price. While some can just measure your pulse and the number of steps you have made for today, others can boast of being no less functional than smartphones. Let’s make it straight what basic kinds there are and how they are different.

The simplest models are those that have only a very limited number of features. In fact, their main functions are limited to showing the date and the time, to see the incoming messages and calls (if you pair it with your smartphone) by alarming with vibration, and a couple of more simple things. The greatest advantage of such models is their price. So, if you do not expect any advanced features from your smartwatch, this would be the most reasonable choice.

The next type is a sports watch designed mostly for athletes. Unlike primitive wristbands, such watches not only count your steps or keep track of your sleep phases but also provide information that will help you to make your training more effective. The majority of them have a good and easy-to-read touch screen and are water-resistant. Moreover, their batteries are impressive and can last for several days with GPS on.

Classic smartwatches are supposed to serve as an extension of the smartphone connected via Bluetooth. Those models will show you messages, calls, calendar entries, and more. There are also a lot of apps you can use. The most advanced types have the phone function and support their own SIM.

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